I have never blogged before and found the process a little daunting at first.  However, I am a very quick learner when it comes to technology and I think I now have the hang of it.  I am a second year teacher and have taught all year levels from prep to year 12.  I have taught all subjects, excluding LOTE, at 6 different schools.  Early this year I decided to undertake a Masters degree and have so far enjoyed every moment.

I do find balancing my time between my full-time, ever changing contract jobs and part time university a little difficult at times.  However, I do believe this has taught me to be more efficient with the time I have.

I come from a family of teachers.  2 of my 3 uncles are teachers, both of my parents are and numerous second and third cousins of mine are also teachers.  I guess you could say it is in our blood.  I have never seen myself doing anything other than teaching and so far I am loving it.  I decided to major in Teacher Librarianship because I am very passionate about researching and I hope to share this passion with my students.

I do enjoy reading when I get the chance and I like to keep up to date with what my students are reading.  I enjoy powerlifting and kayaking, when time permits.  Above all else though, I love spending time with my family, friends and, most importantly, my dog.

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